HANSA Welcomes “Herd About Buffalo” Art Exhibit featuring an Important Message about Public Health

From left to right – Kellena Kane, Dr. Catherine Fisher Collins, Laura Zaepfel in the Great Room at HANSA workspace

On January 13th, HANSA workspace introduced Dr. Catherine Fisher Collins as its latest artist-in-residence as she showcased her photo exhibition “Herd About Buffalo” and the important message behind it.

The original “Herd In Buffalo” campaign began in 2000 as a unique collection of fiberglass Buffaloes that were awarded to area artists to demonstrate their unique talents while raising donations to benefit Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the Burchfield-Penney Art Center.

Patty Wilkins chaired the committee and was the driving force behind the fundraiser. In 1998, Ms. Wilkins was diagnosed with colon cancer and received treatment from Roswell Park. Inspired by a “Cows on Parade” fundraising initiative in Chicago, she envisioned a herd of Buffalo roaming the region in a similar manner. Although Wilkins passed away during the rollout of the herd in the summer of 2000, the fundraiser she inspired culminated in an auction at Shea Performing Arts which raised over $1.5 million for Roswell Park and instilled a new sense of civic pride displayed across the Queen City.


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HANSA Welcomes “Herd About Buffalo” Art Exhibit featuring an Important Message about Public Health - Herd About Buffalo HANSA

“ Herd About Buffalo” Exhibit on display at HANSA workspace

Enter Dr. Fisher Collins. A mother of a gastroenterologist, a public health advocate and a social philanthropist. Even though they never met, Ms. Wilkins’ story resonated with her enough to champion it on to the next generation. On Thursday evening in the Great Room at HANSA, Dr. Fisher Collins shared her inspiration behind the many “Herd About Buffalo” pieces she photographed.

Her mission is to raise awareness about colorectal cancer, a cancer which has seen an alarming increase in cases for people under the age of 50 and is now recommended for screening starting at age 45. Dr. Fisher Collins described it as one of the most preventable cancers with early detection, telling the audience, “If you remember one message from tonight, ask a friend or loved one if they’ve had a colonoscopy.”

Many of the Buffaloes featured in Dr. Fisher Collins photographs remain displayed around the city. The exhibit will be on display at HANSA workspace on Ellicott Street in Buffalo’s Central Business District throughout the winter months.

The next time you’re out and see these Buffaloes or glance at a photo of them during your workday at HANSA, remember Dr. Fisher Collins’ message. If you’re interested in seeing the “Herd About Buffalo” exhibit and HANSA’s all-inclusive flexible office and modern coworking center, click to schedule a tour.

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HANSA Welcomes “Herd About Buffalo” Art Exhibit featuring an Important Message about Public Health - Picture7

Attendees view new art exhibit at HANSA workspace

Article written by Eric Beback
Some information for this article has been sourced from The Buffalo News