Can Buffalo Coworking Spaces Help Students?


Why college students want to take advantage of coworking spaces

When college students returned to school this year, they came with the excitement of being back on campus and learning with their peers. However, this excitement quickly diminished when the reality of virtual classes and reduced campus capacity due to COVID-19 concerns made life difficult for students and schools alike.

According to the New York Times coronavirus tracker, there have been at least 130,000 positive cases across over 1,300 schools in the United States as of late September. Most colleges and universities already have the majority of their courses being taught online, but in some cases, such as the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., in-person classes had to be suspended due to a large spike in positive cases among students.

College campuses have become a hot bed for the spread of the coronavirus.

If you’re a student whose education is moving completely online, or at the very least is worried about spending too much time in high-traffic areas on campus such as class buildings or the library, where can you go to be productive? Sure, you can do your work at your house or dorm, but it can be difficult to stay motivated as it is, let alone when you aren’t necessarily in a conducive environment for your studies.

That’s where coworking and shared office space with HANSA comes into play.

Coworking is the use of an office or other work environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers. While these types of spaces are generally occupied by working professionals, there are notable benefits for students too. In fact, medical, graduate and Ph.D. students are already using spots like HANSA to study with their peers, learn together and challenge each other to be better.

Fewer distractions

We will always have our smart phones and laptops available to surf the internet, get lost in social media and ultimately distract us from our work in a matter of seconds. However, at HANSA there are far fewer distractions around you. For example, if you feel the need to clear your head and forget about work for a while, there are a number of Buffalo’s hottest restaurants within walking distance of HANSA, or you can take a trip up to the cozy Wellness Room to relax and de-stress. If you’re in the need of a short break you can even have a social interaction with the other students and workers in the communal areas and shared space, socially-distanced of course. It is easier to stay motivated for increased productivity when there isn’t an easy out to your work such as playing video games or watching TV. Phone booths are provided for necessary calls if you are not working in a private office.

Online education

At HANSA attending online lectures, completing quizzes, or video chatting with other classmates couldn’t be any easier. High-speed Wi-Fi, access to private meeting rooms or desks that are six feet apart from each other and free black and white printing, are just a few of the amenities that make HANSA stand out when it comes to putting you in a place to be productive.


One of the biggest benefits for students who work at coworking spaces is networking. Not only does HANSA have key-note speakers and seminars that students can take advantage of, but the day-to-day interaction within the shared workspace with other professionals is extremely valuable. Working out of HANSA gives students the ability to build up connections before they leave their college or university.

Easy accessibility

HANSA is open 24/7 to accommodate the busy schedules of its monthly members, unlike the campus study hall or public libraries that close at a certain time. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird student, there is always a time for you to come and complete your work. Free coffee and snacks are always offered to keep you going no matter when you’re there.

Host events

If a school club or group you are a part of has difficulties meeting on campus due to COVID restrictions or other reasons, you can rent one of HANSA’s diverse and unique meeting rooms for whatever the occasion might be.

Changing of office life

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we look at office work. Remote working, strict health guidelines and physical distancing forces businesses to get creative with how they operate at a company office. While the traditional office space is not going anywhere, many believe coworking will play a large role in a professional’s daily life in the near future. This means that there is an opportunity for college students to get familiar with what the professional world might look like when they’re ready to graduate and make their way into the working world.

HANSA’s vibrant workplace community is the perfect alternative to college campus libraries and makeshift home study areas. For both undergraduate and graduate students, HANSA’s abundance of helpful and relaxing amenities, the organic professional environment, and the opportunity for networking and maximum productivity, make the coworking space ideal for college students of all stages.

Higher education has a home at HANSA.